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There are two options to watch Barcelona 2018 from your home, the pub, or anywhere you can go online: All Access Passes, and pay-as-you-watch.

Both options come with DVR options, so you can re-watch that game you missed. The All Access Pass gives DVR access for all tracks and all games, including once the games are over.

You can also follow the games via Twitter and Facebook, and be sure to keep your eyes out for something a little special at the end of each day's play!

The All Access Pass to watch every game on the stream is available now. Click here to purchase the pass for only €15!

You can also pay-as-you-watch! There's no need to plan ahead; get your access during the event, right when you're ready to watch. Prices start from €3 per track per day.

Click play on the track you want to watch for all payment options.

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Barcelona, Spain

Past results: 2014 Birmingham, 2016 Calgary